Husqvarna Automower Cleaning, Service and Maintenance

Keeping your Robotic Mower clean will ensure high performance all year round and also maximise the lifetime of your machine. Follow this quick maintenance checklist and video for cleaning your Husqvarna Automower.


  1. Turn the Automower and place upside down
  2. Make sure the switch is off
  3. Remove grass from the corners of the mower with gloves
  4. Use a brush to remove the cuttings and any residue left on the underside of the machine
  5. Use a plastic scraper where necessary if any grass is stuck on the mower and won’t come off with a brush
  6. Clean out any mud from the automower tyres using a thick brush
  7. Remove grit, soil and grass from the front wheels and connecting rods as grass can sometimes get wrapped round with use
  8. Brush the stainless steel underside to prevent excess build up which can prevent the mower from cutting perfectly
  9. Turn the automower upright and knock off any loose grass still inside the mower
  10. Use a cloth dipped in luke warm water to clean the grass stains from the underside of the machine and also the dirt on top of the body of the machine. Although these machines are built for all weathers, never pour water directly into the machine.
  11. Take a dry cloth and towel off until dry.
  12. Once a year let a husqvarna dealer make a service and an extensive cleaning.


Things you will need:

  • Gloves
  • Clean surface
  • Brush
  • Plastic scraper
  • Damp cloth
  • Luke warm water
  • Bucket
  • Dry cloth or towel

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