12v Light Bulbs, 12v Halogens, 12v Capsules And 12v LEDs
12 Volt Lighting systems are ideal for gardens and other outdoor areas and are usually very easy to install. There is such a wide range of 12v lighting available, from floodlights and spotlight, to path lights and even underwater lighting.

12v light fittings use a variety of different lamps, such as a MR16, G4, GU5.3, or even standard ES / E27 screw base lamps. Traditionally, most 12v lamps were halogen, however nowadays various LED alternatives are available. LED options are generally of a much lower wattage, meaning that more lights can be powered by a single transformer, and less energy is used, and they also have a much longer lifespan.

12v lamps with a standard ES base are not quite so easy to come by, with the LED versions we have to offer being one of the only options on the market to date. An added bonus with the 12v ES base light bulbs is that any fitting with that specific lamp holder can be wired to a 12v lighting system, thus offering an even wide range of 12v outdoor lights, with very little or no modifications required.

WARNING: 12v lamps are not suitable for use with 240v lighting circuits without the use of a transformer.

INSTALLATION: 12v lights must be wired in parallel

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