Platts Horticulture’s Pro-Bollard Range includes 48 different variations of robust and professional bollard lights. Variations include 2 main styles: ‘Lighthouse’ and ‘Fortress’, both of which are available with a ‘Dome’ or ‘Pillar’ top, 3 different heights: 0.6m, 0.8m and 1m, and 2 colours: graphite black and garden green. Unlike many other lighting supplies, Platts Horticulture believe it is important that spares are readily available to prevent entire units having to be replaced more frequently, which is why the Pro-bollard range includes a number of spares and accessories.

Spares available: Bollard Head (all variations), Bulb Holder / Connection Blocks, Polycarbonate Dome & Rubber Gasket

Accessories available: Root Mount Kit, Security Screw Kit

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