Robotic Mowers for Councils and Local Authorities


Professional Automower for Public Green Spaces

Let Automower take care of your parks and gardens – and create a green, silent and sustainable city that local residents and visitors will love.

Around the world, more and more cities are realising how important parks and gardens are to create an attractive city environment for local residents as well as visitors. Automower keeps lawns healthy and green at a low cost – all without disturbing local residents. At the same time, you drastically reduce pollution and CO2 emissions, laying the ground for a sustainable city.

husqvarna automower for businesses and parks
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Attractive results

Provide your parks and gardens with a new level of lawn quality – loved by local residents and visitors like.

Keeping the peace

Automower cuts grass in near silence, allowing you to mow unobtrusively in residential areas as well as in public parks.

Less emissions

Automower reduces fumes and CO2 emissions significantly, helping you meet ambitious sustainability targets.

Robot lawnmower for public communal grass areas and councils
husqvarna automower for public council lawns and garden

Towards a greener city

Automower is not only an excellent opportunity for you to improve your local urban environment. Switching to battery-powered, robotic mowers is also an easy way for you to significantly reduce your CO2 footprint, allowing you to contribute to a more sustainable world and lead the way for other cities.

Husqvarna Automower does its job quickly, quietly and efficiently. The noise level is so low you can operate the mower during the night. Sharp, pivoting blades cut rather than tear the grass, reducing both noise and energy consumption. The innovative motor design further reduces noise from the wheel drive system, which allows for 24/7 mowing in noise-restricted areas. Furthermore, since Automower is electric, there are no direct emissions which allows you to considerably reduce your overall environmental impact.

Designed for professional work

The new 500-series robotic mowers have been specially developed for professional use. High-quality, brushless motors, stainless bearings and rubber sealing ensure long-lasting functionality in the tough outdoors. Their rubber bumper increases durability, while a more robust user interface reduces the risk of tampering. The reliable boundary wire and the on-board GPS ensure Husqvarna Automower always stays in the working area and covers the entire lawn, even in highly complex areas. And thanks to the unique guide wire concept, it always quickly – and automatically – finds its way back to the charging station.

Get more done by spending less

You free up man hours, so you can spend less of your budget on public-owned lawn care and more time on greater qualified tasks to deliver more value to your town or city. Furthermore, because of the robotic mowers robust design, the electric motor and the long-lasting Li-ion battery type, it has a long service life and requires far less maintenance than conventional mowers, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

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These can take up to half an hour and involve a full assessment of your garden. They can be done either as a visit to your garden or over the phone.

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City case study

Commercial Automowers are being used today across towns and cities in a variety of applications from keeping public parks and green spaces well-trimmed, to handling steep grassy verges and banks which pose a health and safety problem for landscapers.

Robot lawnmowers were introduced to Edinburgh to help maintain the city’s green spaces. Not only have they have created a huge saving it has also freed up staff time to spend on other parts of the city’s green spaces such as bushes and trees. Robotic mowers has increased the city’s productivity and sustainability across public spaces, while in turn lowering the cities carbon footprint.

New robot mowers are being rolled out across councils and local authorities everyday.

Professional Automower for Commercial use

Husqvarna has spearheaded the development of robotic mowing and has unique experience when it comes to catering to the needs of green care businesses. While the automatic mowers tirelessly spend their days producing a carpet-like lawn quality, your staff can spend time doing other things. And since our professional robotic mowers are all prepared for Husqvarna Fleet Services, they can be monitored and managed from anywhere.

husqvarna automower for public council lawns and garden

The professional way to manage your fleet of robotic mowers

Stay in control of your fleet of Husqvarna robotic mowers. With Husqvarna Fleet Services and the Automower Connect app, you – and only you – easily monitor and control them from anywhere. Use your smartphone, tablet or laptop to configure product settings and receive alerts if anything should happen. The systems also offer GPS-based map localisation with a theft tracking function.

husqvarna automower fleet management services for robotic mowers


hotel maintenenance robotic mowers for hotels and facilities

For Hotels and Facilities

Create a first-rate first impression

Whether you manage the lawns for a hotel, an office building or another private property, you can rely on Automower to provide impressive results. Your clients, guests and staff will surely appreciate the premium cut quality as well as the silent and fume-less operation. And you can spend less time managing the lawns and more time on other tasks, while you have complete control with Husqvarna Fleet Services.

robotic lawn mowers for professional sports clubs teams and pitches

For Sports Clubs

Perfectly prepared for every game

To withstand heavy use, it’s essential to keep sports fields such as football pitches in pristine condition. Thanks to its low weight, Automower leaves no visible tracks and can mow in wet conditions without damaging the turf. The cut quality is excellent, while the nutrients and water content of the grass clippings keep the soil healthy. In fact, studies have shown that the grass roots grow 25% deeper, resulting in a stronger, healthier turf – ready for any game. All at a very low cost per square metre.

robotic lawnmower at school college sports pitches

For Schools, Colleges and Universities

Reduce grounds maintenance costs

Automower cuts grass in near silence without disturbing your students. It reduces fumes and CO2 emissions significantly, helping you meet environmental and sustainability targets whilst keeping your grounds looking in top condition to impress your visitors. Most importantly, you free up budget you can spend on other tasks than mowing grass.



The basic Model. Ideal for home owners with small, flat and simple lawns and gardens.

Ideal for small to medium size lawns whilst working to a budget

Ideal for small to medium size lawns. Comes with additional features

Ideal for medium to large size lawns. Comes with additional features

Ideal for large size lawns. Comes with GPS-assisted navigation

Ideal for large lawns. Comes with GPS-assisted navigation and Automower Connect

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