RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year 2020 Finalist!

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RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year Final 2020!

We are delighted be a finalist for The RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year 2020! Watch our video entry above to learn more about one of the new products available which we were due to showcase at this years show – the Husqvarna 305 Automower.

About the Husqvarna Automower 305

The newly released Husqvarna Automower 305 is at the more affordable end of robotic lawnmowing, making it more accessible to people with smaller sized gardens. It also comes packed with a lot of new features, but the great thing is, it’s also equipped with existing features only found in more expensive models which really is unique for a robotic mower at this price and quality.

For example, the mower has app connectivity which gives you full control right from your smart phone. The clear and easy to use interface shows the status of the mower and you can easily send ‘start, stop and park’ commands and adjust the settings.

The 305 also comes with a brand new feature called frost-guard, which uses temperature sensors to automatically park if the temperature drops below 3 degrees.

There’s no petrol or diesel, so there’s zero direct emissions. Its also cost-efficient to run. In fact it costs on average just 72 pence a month in electricity!

As you can see, the robot has a very high quality finish. It is well manufactured from a blend of durable and 100% recyclable plastic and can withstand all conditions. And due to the lightweight design and materials, the robot can start cutting earlier on in the season and finish later without leaving muddy tracks with minimal soil compaction.

The fine grass clippings go straight back into the soil which acts as fertiliser and there’s no need to continually empty the grass box.

The 305 conforms to a long list of EN directives, complies with all required safety standards and is built to operate safely. For example if the mower is either picked up or comes into contact with an object, the blades stop instantly.

Our clients become very attached to their robot mowers, so much so that they become part of the family! Kids  come up some very witty names for them such as Mow Farah’, Cutty Perry’, and even ‘Marilyn Monmow’!

The 305 meets the needs of any garden owner, whether you wish to free up more time to spend with the family, are less physically able to mow the lawn, or want a healthy lawn that’s well-kept everyday.

And the great thing is it is manufactured using zero waste, here in the UK.

In short, with the 305 Automower it’s a no brainer when you can save time, save money and lower your carbon footprint, which is great for the planet.

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