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Garden Designers

Our Approach

We can provide assistance with all aspects of your garden planning and implementation using our own team, or specific elements working with your architect, builder or gardener if you have one.

For each stage we provide a detailed estimate for your approval and work closely with you within an agreed budget.

We can advise on:

  • Planting and Construction
  • Survey, either by ourselves or our regular Surveyor using GPS technology
  • Sketched ideas, hand-drawn plans and visuals
  • Computer-aided-design (CAD) 3D images to illustrate proposals
  • Meetings to discuss designs, either on site or at our design office
  • Planting plan (if required)
  • Estimate to implement plan
garden design in Kent by Platts Horticulture

Coloured plan view of a garden 20 metres x 10 metres, making as much use of the space as possible. Designed to be viewed from two sides and providing a sense of enclosure as you walk through it.


Coloured illustrations create a feel for what is intended, while still leaving something to the imagination. We use both computer-aided-design (CAD) and hand-drawn visuals to convey ideas to our clients.

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