Water Features

Garden Water Feature and Pond Installation

Water features can create a serene ambience from the natural sounds of flowing water and also provide a focal point of your outdoor space.



We offer a range of unique water features, fountains ponds, pools and sculptures to suit a variety of different gardens and surroundings. They all come complete with base, pump and pipework, which recycle the water from a self contained system so there is no need for a separate water source. In addition to water feature supply, we provide water feature installation and maintenance as well as optional integrated lighting.


For a more structured look, garden pools of water can be created by using materials such as sawn diamond-cut york stone to give more of a defined outline. A black coated base or lining will create almost a black hole effect whilst creating serenity amongst the darkness and stillness of the water. For a more lively ambience, a ripple effect can be created on the surface of the water or a small jets to create motion and interest. LED lighting within the pool or outside of the pool can add an extra dimension at night time.


Water fountains and jets can be placed in any body of water no matter what size, provided the pump is powerful enough. We can place these on timers or connect to a WISE box so you can conveniently control your water fountain at the click of a button using a wireless remote.


Water feature lights can add a whole new dimension to not only your water feature, pool or pond, but also the wider garden. It can really help to bring your garden to life especially in the evening when either sitting out and enjoying the ambience, or looking out of the window at the running water lit up with LED lights.


Creative, individual and totally unique water features to make your garden one of a kind.

garden water feature with pump in traditional landscaped garden
water feature in courtyard garden, surrounded by planting and landscape design


Bringing nature closer to your garden offers a relaxing and truly peaceful and feeling of beauty to your outdoor space. The combination of colourful pond plants, the sound of trickling water and active wildlife really adds another element of interest which brings your garden to life. We have installed ponds into both city courtyards and vast gardens areas and stately homes. With larger-sized plots, we can add extra features including meandering waterfalls, pathway or steps leading up to the pond and surrounding planting. If you are more limited on space, there is still a lot which can be done to animate your pond such as adding integrated lighting, flowing water and fish and plant life to achieve the desired result.

natural garden pond installation


We source, adapt and regenerate interesting pieces to create water features to suit an array of different surroundings. Contemporary, Traditional, Naturalistic, Listed properties to name a few… creating interest and making your garden a talking point for those who experience it.

trough garden water feature overflowing with water to create an effect

Bring your garden to life, attract wildlife and create harmony by adding a water feature to your outdoor space.


We will arrange to visit you, where we will be happy to advise and guide you through the different aspects of your water feature, including things like size, shape, added features like waterfalls or jets, filtration, decoration and surrounding planting.

We will also be happy to look at the wider outdoor space to see what can be incorporated into the design as well as design suggestions for the rest of your garden.

You will have the opportunity to explore our portfolio of water feature designs and pools which should help you decide on what aspects you wish to have as part of your new garden water feature.

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