Honda Miimo cuts your lawn - so you don’t have to

Miimo is our clever robotic mower that is completely autonomous and can look after your lawn without any assistance. Powered by batteries, Miimo is capable of recharging itself and adapting its working sessions when it suits you. From simple gardens to complex areas with owerbeds, uneven ground or lawn slopes, Miimo can help you achieve a perfect lawn while having more time to do the things you like.

Miimo cuts grass clippings into minute particles so they drop through the grass and act as a natural fertiliser. So there is nothing to collect and no more walking grass through the house. By cutting little and often, Miimo only cuts a small portion of the grass each time. This ensures perfect, healthy grass, giving your lawn a beautiful carpet-like appearance.

Honda Miimo 310 520 Robotic Mowe r

Is my Garden suitable?

Our Honda robotic mowers can handle lawns between 300 m – 4000 m², depending on model and complexity of your garden. This is usually ample to cover the area of most gardens however if your garden is larger than this we can install two or more machines side by side. If you have a small garden then we will help you select a suitable model for your lawn.

If your garden is quite complex, the robotic mower will be able to be programmed to cut around shaped borders, trees and ponds. It can cut grass down narrow passages as small as 60 cm width as well as sloping garden too. If you have a lot of moss in your garden, the continuous mowing has a very positive influence on grass growth leading to the gradual disappearance of moss from the lawn.

Hiind Miimo robotic lawn mower in the rain

How does it work?

Honda Miimo works autonomously and obediently follows the layout of your garden. It can be programmed to work in zones at times to suit you, whatever your garden size or style, whether you are at home, in the office or on holiday. Your lawn will always remain well maintained.

It’s capable of recharging itself when needed and can be programmed to a work to a schedule that suits you. Thanks to its micro-mulching capability, Miimo cuts grass clippings into tiny particles – falling into the grass and acting as a natural fertiliser.

Low noise means it is quiet enough to operate at night and advanced sensors guide it effortlessly around obstacles, making it safe around children and pets too. The Honda Miimo is a robust machine and weatherproof exterior means it will work through the rain, giving you the perfect finish all season long.

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The Basic Model

A small robotic mower that cuts up to 1,500m sqm

Ideal for mid-sized lawns

A medium sized robotic mower that cuts up to 3,000m sq

The Most Premium

A large robotic mower that cuts up to 4,000m sq and can be managed by a smart phone app (iOS & Android)

Honda Miimo 3000 Robotic lawnmower installation
  • Installation can take anywhere between a few hours to a day for larger-sized garden
  • One our team will come fully equipped with everything neccessary to install your new machine
  • Fully authorised dealers of Honda Lawn and Garden Machinery
  • Robotic Mower Installation in London, Kent, Sussex and Surrey
  • Winter Service – including diagnostics, battery tests, software updates and blade replacement.
  • Installation from £375 + VAT
Hiind Miimo robotic lawn mower in the rain


Miimo range is fully waterproof and can tackle all weather conditions. The HRM 3000 is even fitted with Advance waterproofing technology which allows it to be washed with a hosepipe

Honda bluetooth smartphone app miimo

Bluetooth Smartphone App

An intuitive and easy to use interface, which allows you to modify your Miimo’s set-up via Bluetooth on your smartphone.

Honda Miimo no nosie quiet operation robotic mower

No noise, no disturbance

Thanks to its electric motors, Miimo is quiet and unobtrusive, even allowing it to cut the lawn at night without disturbing you or your neighbours.

Honda miimo zone management robo mower

Slope and uneven ground control

Miimo is capable of cutting slopes of up to 25 degrees with its high level of traction and grip, and will never get stuck in a hole or uneven ground, thanks to its rapid reaction lift sensors.


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