Our Pergolas are handcrafted and made from Solid English Oak. We offer a range of garden pergolas to suit different garden shapes, sizes and budgets. You can browse our most popular selection of oak pergolas below, or if you wish to order a specific size, we offer bespoke pergolas with a consultancy visit if necessary.

Pergolas are ideal for growing rambling roses or climbers up. You can allow your plants to naturally evolve and flourish by lightly training them around the arch, making the planting look very effective whilst keeping them easily under control. They can be used to create archways over garden paths, ‘garden rooms’ such as seating areas and viewpoints in your garden. So you can enjoy your garden many times over from different positions.

We are committed in delivering the best wooden pergolas available, with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the UK. You can buy a garden pergola online or call us with any questions on 01732 867 887.

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