Oak Pergolas and Arches

Oak Garden Pergolas

We offer a range of pergolas and archways to suit different garden shapes, sizes and budgets. All of our Pergolas are handcrafted and made from Solid English Oak. We also offer bespoke pergolas in different types of wood and different measurements, specific to your requirements. Ideal for seating areas, pathways, roses and climbers. We are committed in delivering the best wooden pergolas available, with free shipping anywhere in the UK.

wood garden pergola made from oak timber frame with round arch supports
Romantic English garden pergola with climbing roses in traditional country garden
climbing roses on garden pergola - manufactured and supplied by Platts Horticulture
wooden pergola kit made from Oak frame in the garden for nice quiet seating corner area
Oak Pergola Garden arches climbing roses over path
pergola installation in kent, Sussex, Surrey and London and pergola kit supply nationwide
corner pergola made from oak over garden patio create nook
contemporary pergola in the background, york stone patio with contemporary garden sculpture
wooden oak pergola
oak frame pergola supply and installation


5 Great Reasons to buy:

  • Award-winning designs
  • Finest craftsmen and materials
  • Prices start from £654.00
  • We can offer installation
  • FREE delivery to the UK


Our Pergolas can be seen in gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show and Hampton Court, which have won countless gold medals over the last 2 decades. These English Oak Pergolas have evolved in a complete harmony with our traditional style of garden, which adds the form, structure and height into which planting can naturally evolve and flourish. By combining carefully selected English Oak, with age old methods of preparation and construction, these pergolas will stand the test of time and provide significant enhancement to any property.


  • Pergolas are ideal for growing rambling roses or climbers up. You can allow your plants to naturally evolve and flourish by lightly training them around the oak, making the planting look very effective whilst keeping them easily under control.
  • Corner Pergolas are a great way of providing the garden with a secluded area for sitting, relaxing or entertaining as well as creating a section of the garden which can be planted up with climbers and rambling roses to grow up the sides of the pergola, naturally, to create a cosy walkway.
  • Whilst pergolas are perfect for creating secluded areas with a sense of mystery and intrigue, they can also very easily hide or reduce the impact of an unsightly wall or fence too, which is another great use for your pergola.
  • By creating different viewpoints in your garden, you can enjoy your garden many times over from different standing or seating positions.


  • Our craftsmen-built traditional pergolas are constructed in ‘green’ English Oak which naturally ages from golden honey to silver grey.
  • The selection of sympathetic materials, careful design, detailing, and proportions ensures that each pergola quickly becomes visually integrated into the garden setting, whether within the areas of planting or as a partial enclosure in which to relax and enjoy the atmosphere you have created.
  • The handmade joints are held together with sturdy oak pegs in the traditional manner giving maximum strength and durability.
  • Pergola uprights can be placed directly into the ground. It’s not normally necessary for them to be set in concrete
  • Allowance is made for posts to be set into the ground 45-55cm
  • Standard Pergola dimensions are 2.1m high x 2m wide. Corner pergolas are 2.1m high x 2m wide x 4m deep.
  • To order a bespoke size please call or email us with your requirements.
  • If you would like planting around your pergola, or garden design. We can do this for you also.



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