Robotic lawnmowers - giving you the perfect lawn

If you are looking for a well-kept and professional looking lawn, but just don’t have the time to continually cut the grass each week, then a Robotic mower is for you.

It’ll cut your lawn the way you want, when you want, and you’ll never have to lift a finger. Our mowers are happy to work in the rain, and quiet enough to work through the night. It’ll leave you with a beautifully cut lawn and no messy grass clippings. It will even recharge itself and get on with the job, while you get on with all the things you’d rather be doing. Plus – download Automower Connect App and mow your lawn from your phone!


Is my Garden suitable?

Our Robotic mowers can handle lawns between 300 m – 5000 m², depending on model and complexity of your garden. This is usually ample to cover the area of most gardens however if your garden is larger than this we can install two or more machines side by side. If you have a small garden then we will help you select a suitable model for your lawn.

If your garden is quite complex, the robotic mower will be able to be programmed to cut around shaped borders, trees and ponds. It can cut grass down narrow passages as small as 60 cm width as well as sloping garden too. If you have a lot of moss in your garden, the continuous mowing has a very positive influence on grass growth leading to the gradual disappearance of moss from the lawn.


How does it work?

Robotic mowers obediently follow the layout of your garden, intelligently avoiding obstacles such as trees, sculptures and ponds. It can be programmed to work in zones at times to suit you, whatever your garden size or style, whether you are at home, in the office or on holiday. Your lawn will always remain well maintained.

Low noise means it is quiet enough to operate at night and advanced sensors guide it effortlessly around obstacles, making it safe around children and pets too. Some models are even equipped with a theft alarm, GPS tracker and PIN code for security.

It has capabilities of handling slopes of up to 40 degrees and there are no messy grass clippings. The machine’s robust and weatherproof exterior means it will work through the rain, giving you the perfect finish all season long.

1. Free Site Visit

We provide a full consultation which allows us to understand your garden and recommend which robotic lawnmower is mower is most suitable for your garden, based on its size, shape, complexity and budget requirements. We do not give general estimates so there are no hidden costs.

2. Complete Installation

With our professional ‘invisible’ buried cables installation, we can setup your robotic lawnmower safely and efficiently. We will run through the basic operation of the mower and its settings and also pair it up to your smart phone or tablet with you. You’ll be able to sit and watch you mower in action right away.

3. Maintenance and Aftercare

We provide full servicing, repairs and warranty support right from day 1, giving you complete peace of mind knowing you are in safe hands. Annual servicing includes a clean and shine, full system diagnostics, battery tests, safety function tests, software updates and replacement body seals and new blades so that your mower is ready for the new season!

Which Robotic Mower should I choose?

There are many robotic mowers to available so which one to pick? Thats where we come in. After spending some time with you to understand your garden and requirements we will recommend which robotic mower would be most suitable, taking into consideration your budget and involvement level.

Husqvarna Automower

Husqvarna Automowers are packed with features to help you take your garden to the next level. With the largest range of robotic mowers on the market and some of the most advanced, Husqvarna have been market leaders for over 20 years. The 450X is the most notable, with a capacity of up to 5000 m2 and a very powerful battery offering 270 minutes of mowing on just 1 hour of charging. Husqvarna’s ‘Automower Connect’ App is unrivalled in terms of functionality and can be controlled anywhere in the world! Recently the X-series which comprises both app connectivity and GPS-mapping is now available to smaller models, offering all the bells and whistles of the market leading 450X at a fraction of the price. The King of robotic mowers!


Honda Miimo

With smartphone compatibility and a maximum mowing area of 4000 m², the Miimo is a close rival to Husqvarna in terms of ability and quality of finish. The latest model – the Miimo 3000 offers both perimeter cutting and is even resistant to a hosepipe, making cleaning extremely easy indeed! Its sleek contemporary design makes it very popular amongst our younger customers, who also happen to own Honda cars funnily enough! The Miimo 3000 also features Honda’s unique smooth turn technology, so it can turn away from the boundary wires without stopping, for optimal cutting efficiency. It’s a leader in intelligent sensors, able to react quickly to avoid holes or uneven ground, maximising uptime and making one of the most reliable robotic mowers around!

Honda Miimo 310

Ambrogio Robots

The Ambrogio Robotic mower range comprises 14 different models, one to suit every type of lawn size and terrain. The range starts with the L60 Deluxe, designed for small gardens and requires no boundary wire, moving up to the L250i Elite for mid-sized lawns. At the top end the L400i Deluxe can cover up to an incredible 20,000 sqm and suits both residential and commercial application where grass cutting large areas is required.

Ambrogio have over 20 years experience of designing and building robots and the Ambrogio machines are the ideal robotic lawn mowers for those looking for technological innovation, excellence, combined with respect for the environment.

Amborgio L400 robotic mower commercial large areas of lawn


The Flymo 1200R mows a lawn area up to a maximum of 400 m² – effectively and reliably. Built on Husqvarna technology, it is an entry level product in the market place and is a very solid robotic mower for it’s price. Like all robotic mowers, different mowing times or days can be set on the large selection panel with display.

flymo 1200r robotic lawnmower


With over two decades of experience in the robotic mower industry under its hood, today’s Robomow mowers are strong, fast and sleek looking. The smallest RX series suit lawns up to 300 m² whilst the largest RS series mows up to 3600 m². An all-round popular robotic lawnmower, available to all homeowners on all budgets!



The Gardena Silent + is capable of mowing up to 1300 m² and is comparable to to the Flymo and McCulloch models as an entry level robotic mower. There are 5 models in the range which makes the Gardena Robotic mowers very affordable and available to the mass market!

gardena robotic mower

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These can take up to half an hour and involve a full assessment of your garden. They can be done either as a visit to your garden or over the phone.


Installation can take anywhere between a few hours to a day for larger-sized garden and one our team will come fully equipped with everything necessary to install your new machine.

Winter Maintenance includes full service, diagnostics, battery tests, software updates and blade replacement.

Robotic Mower Installation in London, Kent, Sussex and Surrey across the southeast.

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robotic lawn mowers for professional sports clubs teams and pitches

A professional Automower is the perfect solution for a wide number of needs and applications. Landscapers, municipalities, schools and sports clubs to name a few will benefit from everything from the perfect results to the chance to save on both time and cost. And no matter what line of work you’re in, the added benefit of the noise-less operation and the green footprint will add considerable value to your business.

While the automatic mowers tirelessly spend their days producing a carpet-like lawn quality, you can spend your days doing other things. And since our professional robotic mowers are all prepared for Fleet Services, you can monitor and manage them from anywhere on your smart devices.


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