In order to wire up a 12v lighting system, various components are required, including Transformers, Cables and Junction Boxes.

Platts Horticulture stock a range of 240v – 12v Transformers, which are required to convert standard 220-240V power supplies to 12 volt. If a 12v garden light was to be connected to a 240v mains socket without a transformer, the lights would blow. Also available are 2 different sizes of 12v 2 Core Cable, 0.75mm cable, which is suitable for most 12v garden lights, and 1.5mm cable for longer cable runs and heavier loads, as well as two different types of Junction Box and M20 Cable Glands to assist in connecting various fittings to one transformer.

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  • 1.5mm² 2 Core Rubber Cable Reels (12V)
    £55.20£216.00 inc VAT
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  • 2.5mm² 2 Core Rubber Cable Reels (12V)
    £139.99£274.99 inc VAT
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  • Eazylink8 – Waterproof 8 Way Connection Box 12V
    £23.40 inc VAT
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  • Wiska Mp Gel 100 – 1 Litre Multipurpose Gel For Electrical Insulation
    £45.60 inc VAT
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