Platts Horticulture stock a wide range of low energy light bulbs and lamps; from CFLs such as candle light bulbs, globe light bubs, gls lamps and reflector lamps, to LED GU10s and 12V MR16s, MR11s and G4s. We also stock a number of halogen lamps, including R7s floodlight bulbs, which are more suited for applications where a much brighter, non-LED light is required.

Electric lighting is a luxury that is taken for granted and used every day. Thousands of pounds a day are spent on energy bills, a lot of which will be lighting. Energy Saving Lamps are an ideal way to reduce the amount of energy we use by replacing standard filament lightbulbs with low energy options, which will in turn reduce the cost of energy bills. Living in a recession is a difficult time, so it is well worth switching all lighting for energy efficient options to help save the pennies. CFLs can save up to 80% on energy bills and last much longer than standard lamps. LEDs also use less energy, generally being of a fairly low wattages, and have a huge lifespan of around 50,000 hours! Although there is an initial cost for replacing light bulbs in your home or company, it is well worth it as it will not take long for them to pay for themselves and start saving you money.

Reduce your energy bills today with our energy saving lighting!

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  • 20w Led Corn Bulb (ES/E27) – Daylight Or Warm White (240v)
    £32.00 inc VAT
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