Platts Horticulture specialise in outdoor lighting, both 12v and 240v, particularly 240v fittings with in-built photocells and PIRs.

A photocell acts as a light sensor, automatically switching on a circuit of lights when it start to get dark (dusk) and back off again when it become light (dawn). This has many benefits, including not have to remember to turn lights off in the morning, thus less wasted energy and lower energy bills, with the main advantage being added security to the home.

PIRs have the same benefits as photocells, that is less energy wastage and added security, however they will not remain on throughout the night. PIR stands for passive infra-red. When movement is detected within the PIRs range, the sensor in triggered, switching the lights on for a set period of time, and then off again.

As well as fittings with integrated sensors, Platts Horticulture offer external, waterproof dusk to dawn and motion sensor units which allow entire outdoor circuits / systems to be controlled, rather than just one light. These also have the added flexibility of endless location options. Platts Horticulture offer a number of 240v sensors, as well as 12v which are very unique. To our knowledge, we offer the only 12v PIR in the UK.

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