Platts Horticulture supply different varieties of 240v LED bulbs, the ideal low energy solution for saving energy and cutting electricity costs over a long bulb lifespan.

High quality 3w LED Candle Bulbs are available in 3 different bases ES / E27 (Edison Screw) BC / B22 (Bayonet Cap) and SES / E14 (Small Edison Screw), and contain reliable and highly renowned EPISTAR LEDs. The LED Candle bulbs are ‘retrofit’, meaning they can be fitted into existing 240v sockets with the corresponding base. The shape of the LED bulbs are similar to incandescent candle light bulbs but have a stylish transparent glass appearance with visible LED. 240 Lumens are generated from the LED Candle Light Bulbs – surprisingly bright for an energy saving 3 watts of power ! All of the LED candle bulbs are warm white (3000K), ideal for a cosy, homely glow. With a life span of approx. 30,000 last at least 9 times as long, and consume less than a quarter of the power as a normal filament bulb. This means much less maintenance with bulb changing throughout the lifetime of the lamp.

Platts Horticulture also supply retrofit LED GU10 bulbs in different wattages and colour temperatures. LED GU10 bulbs are a fantastic low energy, longer lasting alternative to Halogen GU10s, with LEDs that should last up to 50,000 hours. A 5w LED GU10 should be the equivalent to a 50w Halogen GU10. It’s easy to see how replacing large amounts of these bulbs, in a kitchen for example, will save a considerable amount of energy and money. LED GU10s are suitable for most fittings. Due to the amount of technology used, many LED GU10s are slightly bigger than standard halogen spot lights. The options found at Platts Horticulture should fit nearly all fittings.

Please Note: 240v LED Bulbs are unsuitable for dimming circuits.

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  • 20w Led Corn Bulb (ES/E27) – Daylight Or Warm White (240v)
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