All of stainless steel spike lights are made of high quality, marine grade stainless steel 316. They can accomodate longer than usual LED GU10s (240v) / MR16s, including high quality Lumena LED COB bulbs, and often have the option of an extension spike should a longer spike be required. Spikelights are a great addition to garden lighting, ideal for general spotlighting and can be used to highlight specific items in the garden such as statues or plants.

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  • Ultra Spikelight 360 – 1m Twin Spike Light, Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel – MR16 (12V)
    £178.80£322.80 inc VAT
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  • Ultra-Spikelight 60 – 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel (240v)
    £84.00£87.60 inc VAT
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