Coloured lenses are an easy, affordable and fun way to create different effects in the garden. They can enhance the appearance of plants, ornaments, trees or any other feature in the garden with a colour for each season and occasion.

Our 50mm dichroic glass lenses are suitable for use with all 12v Wall Mounted Spotlights, the Spikelight 60 and the Director Uplights and Tree Lights (also 240v versions). In fact they can be used in most fittings which use a 50mm MR16 or GU10, as long as there is at least a 2mm gap between the lamp and exterior lenses, allowing room for both the coloured lens and spring clip. 6 colour options are available: red, green, blue, yellow, purple and moonlight. Simply place the coloured lens between the lamp and the existing glass lens and secure in place with the spring clip supplied.

Please note, the Copper and Stainless Steel 316 versions of the Spikelight 60 has a shallower body to the anodised versions. Therefore in order to use the dichroic lenses, an MR16 with a length of around 46mm should be used.

The Facts:

Dichroic Glass Filters operate on a passive-reflective basis, reflecting unused wavelengths while passing wanted posrtions of spectrum. Dichroics are high in transmission, producing brighter, cleaner, saturated colour, which last much longer than plastic lenses with a coloured film which often fade.

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