Platts Horticulture stocks various coloured floodlights available in a choice of colours, Red, Blue, Green or Magenta, these flood lights look great as part of displays, a colour wall wash, accent lighting or even just as standard floodlight in the garden. Unlike many other coloured floodlight, Platts Horticulture have used dichroic glass lenses, this means that the actual glass is coloured, rather than a film coating placed over the top of the lens, which prevents the colour fading, a common problem in film lenses, and also helps produce a brighter light as less light is absorbed by the lens. The Luxora 40 is supplied complete with a Luxa 40 lamp, a 40W energy saving light bulb which fits most R7s fittings, and is virtually as bright as a 200W Halogen, yet uses less than a quarter of the energy and has a much longer life span.

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