Energy Saving Floodlight are becoming more and more popular with us all trying to cut down energy bills. CFLs use so much less energy that halogen lamps, approximately 80% less energy in fact, and also last up to 8 times longer with a lifespan of around 8,000 hours. Therefore not only will they reduce energy costs, but also maintenence costs too, whilst also doing that little for the planet. Luxora Floodlights use a 40W low energy floodlight lamp which does all of the above. Although it is only 40 watts, it is still virtually as bright as a 200W halogen so the lumen output is barely affected by the low energy consumption! A dichroic lens is also used to reduce the amount of light lost by the coloured lens, ensuring maximum brightness and will not fade in colour. They are especially effective when used to light up specific items in a garden or outdoor space such as a tree or ornament, or even a sign. Wherever they are used, they will defintely stand out from the crowd – a real eye catcher!

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