Platts Horticulture present the Luxora LED Floodlight range, a high quality selection of LED Floodlights in various sizes, wattages and colours. LED Floodlights are just one of the variations of outdoor LED lights available for lighting the garden or outdoor space, and are a great way to provide many hours of bright light in an energy efficient way.

LED lighting has many benefits including the fact that they are very energy efficient and LEDs have a very long lifespan. Commonly, floodlights use halogen lamps, such as R7s Lamps, which are very inefficient, having high wattages and generally not lasting much longer than 1,000 hours. LED floodlights however are generally a much lower wattage and last a massive 50,000 hours!

RGB Floodlights are a fairly new piece of technology. The Red, Green and Blue LED used within these floodlights are used in different variations to create almost any colour, be it red, purple, orange, white, yellow or turquoise. RGB flood lights come with a remote control giving a choice of 16 colours and many different lighting effects such as fade, strobe and smooth transition. One single floodlight can create so many different colours and effects – they are really worth it!

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